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Back to Earth - Lap Top Bag

Back to Earth - Lap Top Bag


The Lap Top Bag is the perfect shoulder bag for your daily life. A Carry-On Messenger for your next travel adventure. This minimalist design carries your essentials and keeps all your items well organized. Each bag is made from the seat leather of an Air Canada 777HD aircraft.

Farbe: 777 - Schwarz
  • Details


    * 39cm (L) x 27 (H) x 9 (W)
    * 4 internal and 1 external accessory pockets
    * Compartment for the Laptop
    * Adjustable strap
    * Secure aircraft buckle closure
    Reclaimed Materials

    * Plane seat belt
    * Aircraft-Seat belt buckle
    * AirCanada Boeing 777 aircraft seat leather
    * Furniture upholstery

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