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Three Speed 514

Three Speed 514

Rugged and stylish, the 514 is one of our original designs. Two buckle attachments allow you to wear it loosely over one shoulder, or strapped tightly to your back. The convenience of this bag is unmatched for motorriding and commuting. Safely carry a laptop, while an outer pouch and multiple interior pockets keep gadgets organized.
  • Details


    * 25cm (L) x 36 (H) x 10 (W)
    * Exterior pocket
    * 3 interior accessory pockets on inside front
    * Document pockets on inside back
    * Large zippered compartment inside
    * Adjustable strap
    * Snap magnet fasteners at 2 settings

    Reclaimed Materials

    * Car seat belt
    * Seat belt buckle
    * Car seat leather
    * Truck tarp
    * Furniture upholstery
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