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Three Speed 613

Three Speed 613

The perfect briefcase, it's designed for the convenience of business people and students. Perfect for laptops, Ipads and tablets, there are many compartments to keep gear organized and with its wide body it can carry more than one book at a time. The 613 is our newest bag and it's already one of our favorit ones.
  • Details


    * 33cm (L) x 26 (H) x 20 (W)
    * 3 accessory pockets on inside front
    * Large zippered compartment
    * 2 accessory pockets on inside back
    * Adjustable strap
    * Handle

    Reclaimed Materials

    * Car seat belt
    * Seat belt buckle
    * Car seat leather
    * Truck tarp
    * Furniture upholstery
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